Workshop Videos

1st MIP-Frontiers Workshop
April 30, 2020

Conditioned-U-Net for Singing Voice Separation

Giorgia Cantisani and Kilian Schulze-Forster

Real-Time Recitatives-to-Score Alignment

Charles Brazier and Emir Demirel

A Deeper Dive into the Volume Sensitivity Issue of Singing Voice Detection

Vinod Subramanian and Furkan Yesiler

Can Transient/Non-Transient Separation Improve Instrument Recognition?

Carlos Lordelo, Alejandro Delgado and Antonio Ramires

Demystifying Differentiable Digital Signal Processing (DDSP)

Ondřej Cífka and Javier Nistal

Automatic Identification of Jumps in Music Performances

Luís Carvalho and Ruchit Agrawal

Cross-Dataset Evaluation of Auto-Tagging Models

Karim M. Ibrahim and Philip Tovstogan